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How New York's Gas Law Task 87 Can Impact You

What's Task 87?

natural gas meter being installed

As of June 4, 2019, a new state legislation Task 87 effects all New York households. A Good Plumber is helping Brooklyn homeowners breakdown what this means for them and help prepare for any changes.

This legislation was put in place to ensure the safety of NY residents when it comes to gas leaks.ย Gas leaks are dangerous and kill around 500 people a year in the United States. In response, National Grid helps prevent gas leaks by conducting surveys and repairs for their customers.ย 

Is The Gas Line Inspection Required?

Accordingly, Task 87 does require residents to get this inspection done by National Grid. They would then also assist in setting up a repair for you as well. National Grid will contact homeowners to schedule these inspections and repairs. Furthermore, you can contact them early to schedule a time right for you by calling 1-844-749-8898.

โ€œThe primary goal is to continuously improve safety by identifying, assessing and managing risks to natural gas pipelines.โ€

Schedule Ahead

National Grid will reach out to residents to schedule inspections individually. However, homeowners can reschedule or choose a time that works best for them by proactively calling 1-844-749-8898. Since you may need to provide access to your property, we recommend calling ahead to pick a time that works for you.ย 

What if I fail?

Failing an inspection can be scary, but National Grid will repair or replace all components that have failed for corrosion or deterioration. As long as your gas line or meter was only failing because of these natural causes, it will be at no charge.
ย For any questions or concerns about Task 87, gas leaks, or repair, please contact us at A Good Plumber at 718-648-6838.