Brooklyn Gas Leak & Detection

What To Do If You Have a Gas Leak

A gas leak is something that should be handled by emergency services right away. If you even just think you may have a gas leak at home or work you should evacuate and call 911 right away. Don’t use any lights or appliances, just leave. Gas leaks are hard to detect but signs like a rotten egg smell or dead house plants can be indicators. That’s why even if you think you may have a leak its okay to call emergency services to ensure your safety.

The next step is to alert your gas company that there may be a leak so they can help you take the appropriate steps with them. Then you can call A Good Plumber! We can assess the situation and help repair or replace any faulty lines or parts that caused the leak.  

We're Here to Help

Gas leaks are scary but you can’t handle them on your own which is why we’re here to help. After emergency services arrived and cleared the scene we take over to make sure the issue is repaired and the area safe to be in. A Good Plumber can come inspect the site of the leak to determine how extensive it is and what needs to be replaced. Once we complete the inspection we can safely repair and replace what’s needed to take care of the leak and as a result ensure safety. 

Possible Signs of a Gas Leak

Your Safety Comes First

At AGP we value you your safety first. That’s why we want to be the ones to help you after such a scary event. We will always put you first. Give us a call today so you don’t have to handle a dangerous gas leak on your own.