Warren - President
NYC Licensed Master Plumber #1948

Warren is the founder of A Good Plumber. After a long career in the auto repair management business, Warren found his way into plumbing, where he has been for over 30 years. He is an excellent mechanic and diagnostician. Warren oversees the company and splits his time out on the road and managing. Warren lives in Brooklyn with his wife Susan.

Billy - Office Technician
NYC Licensed Master Plumber #2434
Licensed Backflow Tester

Bill is the older son of the founder of A Good Plumber. While sometimes Bill will get his hands dirty out on the road, he is mostly the back-office of A Good Plumber. Bill oversees appointments, processing paperwork, training, ordering supplies, permits and most of the back office stuff not seen by the customers. Bill loves dealing with customers whenever he can and in his spare time he loves cooking. Bill lives in Brooklyn with his wife Janet and has 2 boys, Christopher and Michael and his daughter Theresamarie.

Thomas - Technician
New York City Journeyman Plumber

Thomas is the younger son of the founder of A Good Plumber. Thomas has amazing people skills and knows how to relate to customers. He loves the different issues he faces each day and loves the challenge. He knows how to think out and work out a repair. In his spare time Thomas enjoys drumming and martial arts. He lives in Brooklyn and loves spending time with his wife Betty.

Kendon - Technician

Originally from the island of Grenada, prior to working as one of Brooklyn’s coolest plumbers, Kendon worked as a plumber back home in Grenada. After relocating to Brooklyn, Kendon continued his passion for the plumbing trade and graduated with many awards from Apex technical institute, specializing in plumbing and pipefitting. Kendon loves helping people, and it shows in his personality. When not on call, he enjoys cooking and teaching his kids recipes reminiscent of Palm Beach, his family restaurant in Grenada.

Mauricio A Good Plumber

Mauricio - Apprentice

Mauricio is the newest member of A Good Plumber. An army veteran who recently graduated from Apex technical school for plumbing. He is Highly experienced in many aspects of plumbing. Mauricio is very people friendly and will always answer any customer questions. In his downtime he enjoys all things mets and running. He currently resides in Jackson Heights, Queens.