Local Law 152 Inspections

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2016 saw the introduction of Local Law 152 by the Department of Buildings, or DOB, to local New York City legislature. This law, part of a larger overhaul to maximize the safety of gas lines, has made it so that all gas piping systems in all buildings need to undergo periodic inspections.

According to the law itself, the failure to comply with Local Law 152 could result in a civil penalty entailing a sum of up to $5,000.

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Given that this new law is just one more responsibility added to the already busy lives of many New Yorkers, it’s important to remember not to forget it! If you think you’ll need some help remembering your inspection date, we can help your keep easy track of Local Law 152 so you’ll never miss an inspection! Although this new law won’t be too big of a burden so long as you stay on top of it, forgetting about it could mean serious trouble.

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