Brooklyn Plumbing Violations Removal

What is a Violation?

In NYC, home and business owners are expected to build and keep their property in safe conditions. Therefore being a property owner in Brooklyn can come with its fair share of headaches and as a result violations from the city can become a huge roadblock when it comes to selling or refinancing. It can even halt the use of any commercial building not up to code.

While violations from the Department of Buildings or the Environmental Control Board can be annoying they are also very important. They’re in place to make sure the people using the property are safe and not exposed to health hazards from plumbing facilities. We know how overwhelming this can be, so A Good Plumber is here to help. 

Did You Receive A Violation from the DOB or ECB?

Most Common Violations

3 master plumbers in front of their truck

A Good Plumber can come and evaluate the violation, get the necessary permits, remove your violation, and in conclusion help give proof of violation removal.  This is important for the DOB and ECB to prove you had the violation correctly removed and above all gives you the peace of mind the job was done right.