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We take a lot of the things for granted in today’s society.  We turn on the faucet and clean drinking water comes out.  We turn on the oven or heat and gas flows safely.  We flush the toilet and the waste disappears. The plumbing that makes all of this possible requires a highly skilled professional, a Licensed Master Plumber.

From hooking up gas connections to keeping sewage from contaminating drinking water, a licensed plumber is needed.  That’s why a licensed plumber MUST have years of experience and pass rigorous tests before they are approved for a license. In New York City, licenses are issued from the Department of Buildings after a complete investigation of the candidate is completed by the Department of Investigations.

Too often, landlords and building managers create health hazards when they use unlicensed people to do the work of a licensed plumber. When getting price quotes, remember that the least expensive quote will not always cost you the least amount. Shoddy, unlicensed plumbing can come with a high price; leaks that ruin floors and ceilings, life threatening illnesses from polluted water, even destruction and death from explosions caused by improper gas connections.

Unlicensed people can charge less because they might not have the proper insurances and may not file the necessary paperwork with the Department of Buildings.
If something goes wrong, you will be the one left with the problem. In addition, building owners can face fines when work is not properly permitted and completed by a licensed plumber.

The next time you need a plumber, remember to ask for their license. Don’t take a chance with your health, your property or your life.

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