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Faucets: A Journey Through Time

Faucets are so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine any home without them. Yet, there was a time when our ancestors relied on natural water sources or communal wells for their daily needs. This edition of “A Journey Through Time” will take you through the centuries to peek at how faucets became the sophisticated and […]

Introduction to Master Plumbers

3 master plumbers in front of their truck

Table of Contents Plumbing is a vital part of every building, from homes to commercial establishments. A well-functioning plumbing system ensures comfort, safety, and health. At the heart of this critical service are master plumbers – highly skilled professionals who have achieved the highest level of training in their field. At A Good Plumber, based […]

Understanding the Basics: An Introduction to Home Heating Systems

As the leaves turn golden and the crisp air ushers in the fall season, thoughts drift towards the comfort and warmth of our homes. A reliable heating system is not only a pillar of home comfort but a necessity for those cold months. If you’re a homeowner without extensive heating knowledge, fret not – we’ve […]

Hot Water Heater Tips and Advice

When you think of your water heater, do you just see it as a simple appliance that heats up the water for your shower? While this is one of its functions, there are many more. Your water heater can help save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by storing hot water until you need it […]

What Is Local Law 152 In NYC?

Local law 152 New York Local Law 152 of 2016, aka gas safety law, requires people who own buildings in New York City to have the gas piping in their buildings inspected periodically. The inspection is meant to detect leaks and check for all public uncovered gas piping, and compel the building owner to make […]

How to Stay Compliant with Local Law 152

How to Stay Compliant with Local Law 152 What You Need to Know About Local Law 152 2016 saw the introduction of Local Law 152 by the Department of Buildings, or DOB, to local New York City legislature. This law, part of a larger overhaul to maximize the safety of gas lines, has made it […]

Task 87 Information: How NYC’s New Gas Law Can Affect You.

natural gas line being installed

How New York’s Gas Law Task 87 Can Impact You What’s Task 87? As of June 4, 2019, a new state legislation Task 87 effects all New York households. A Good Plumber is helping Brooklyn homeowners breakdown what this means for them and help prepare for any changes. This legislation was put in place to […]