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What Is Local Law 152 In NYC?

Local law 152 New York Local Law 152 of 2016, aka gas safety law, requires people who own buildings in New York City to have the gas piping in their buildings inspected periodically. The inspection is meant to detect leaks and check for all public uncovered gas piping, and compel the building owner to make […]

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance

The Importance of Boiler Maintenance During the cold months, a working boiler is of utmost importance in Brooklyn homes. A boiler failing or not working right can leave you without heat or hot water. This is something no one wants to encounter. Luckily it’s easier than you think to keep this from happening. Regular Boiler […]

How to Stay Compliant with Local Law 152

How to Stay Compliant with Local Law 152 What You Need to Know About Local Law 152 2016 saw the introduction of Local Law 152 by the Department of Buildings, or DOB, to local New York City legislature. This law, part of a larger overhaul to maximize the safety of gas lines, has made it […]

Task 87 Information: How NYC’s New Gas Law Can Affect You.

natural gas line being installed

How New York’s Gas Law Task 87 Can Impact You What’s Task 87? As of June 4, 2019, a new state legislation Task 87 effects all New York households. A Good Plumber is helping Brooklyn homeowners breakdown what this means for them and help prepare for any changes. This legislation was put in place to […]

Gas Line Safety

yellow and red home gas meter

NYC Gas Line Safety for Homeowners What’s The Deal? When it comes to natural gas piping in New York City properties, things have changed a lot over the last several years. The regulatory measures signed into law in 2016 by Mayor Bill de Blasio aim to increase natural gas safety to the benefit of all […]

DOB Code Violation

wall opened up for repair

Got a DOB Code Violation? Here’s What to Do Next Find a Good Plumber to Correct DOB Code Violations For unsuspecting New York homeowners whose heating and plumbing infrastructures simply came with the house, a code violation from the Department of Buildings often comes as a shock. Unfortunately, even code violations that don’t carry a […]

What to do when Radiators are Banging, Hissing, Gurgling, or Leaking

Radiator Banging, Hissing, Gurgling, or Leaking? It may have arrived casually late, but this winter’s truly bitter cold has finally settled into the streets of New York City. To keep the chill on the outside, your home heating system is now working overtime. Provided you had your annual boiler service done by a trusted professional […]

Get ready for the 2019 New York Winter!

Is your home ready for the 2019 New York winter? If you have the number for A Good Plumber, you’re off to a good start. Should your pipes wind up freezing this winter, our team is here for you. We’ll treat the plumbing in your home or business just like we do those in our […]

Get your Brooklyn Boiler ready for winter 2018-2019

Get your Brooklyn Boiler Ready for Winter The weather has officially broken, making September the perfect time for homeowners to get their heating systems ready for winter. Before you know it, the holidays and the New York winter will be upon us, and you’ll be relying on your boiler to hum along, churning out that […]

Be Prepared, Find a Qualified Plumber Today

Certified Brooklyn Plumbers Finding a plumber in Brooklyn or the greater NYC area can be tough, but sooner or later we all need one. Even the most capable of all do-it-yourself repairmen are going to eventually encounter a plumbing issue they cannot take care of themselves. That is where seeking out a licensed plumber comes into play. […]