Jane’s Carousel: A Timeless Gem on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Nestled within the picturesque surroundings of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel is a cherished icon of Brooklyn’s waterfront landscape. This historic carousel, with its dazzling lights, intricately carved horses, and enchanting melodies, has been delighting visitors of all ages for generations. It offers a nostalgic journey back in time and a timeless experience of joy and wonder. Information can be found here.

Originally crafted in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Jane’s Carousel boasts a rich and storied history that spans nearly a century. For many years, the carousel operated in various locations across the United States, providing amusement and entertainment to countless riders. In 1984, the carousel found its permanent home in Brooklyn Bridge Park, thanks to the vision and dedication of Jane Walentas, a local artist and preservationist who painstakingly restored the carousel to its former glory. Discover facts about Manhattan Beach Park: A Coastal Gem in the Heart of Brooklyn, NY.

Today, Jane’s Carousel is a testament to Jane Walentas’ passion for preservation and her commitment to sharing the carousel’s magic with the community. Housed within a stunning glass pavilion designed by acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel, the carousel’s elegant setting offers breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, creating a truly magical atmosphere for riders and spectators alike.

The carousel is a work of art featuring 48 hand-carved horses and two chariots adorned with intricate details and vibrant colors. Each horse is a unique masterpiece, meticulously restored to its original splendor, with delicate features and graceful poses that capture the imagination and evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. As the carousel whirls to life, accompanied by the musical strains of its vintage Wurlitzer organ, riders are transported on a whimsical journey through time, reliving the joy and excitement of childhood memories.

Beyond its enchanting allure, Jane’s Carousel holds a special place in the hearts of Brooklynites as a beloved community gathering spot and a symbol of resilience and renewal. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the carousel suffered extensive damage from flooding, threatening its future. However, thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers and supporters led by Jane Walentas, the carousel was meticulously restored and reopened to the public in 2013, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Brooklyn community.

Today, Jane’s Carousel continues to captivate visitors with its timeless charm and enduring beauty. It offers a cherished escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and a reminder of the simple pleasures that bring joy to our lives. Whether you’re taking a spin on one of its majestic horses, enjoying a stroll along the waterfront, or simply basking in the carousel’s magical ambiance, Jane’s Carousel is a cherished treasure that continues to inspire and enchant all who encounter it on the Brooklyn waterfront.